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The contribution of the Olympic fund

ALLWEGENE DIAGNOSTICS is the development and transformation of multi group medical detection technology. We believe that the advancement of medicine, the acceleration of academic development, the creation of good scientific research and working environment are essential to the development of medical cause, and it is very important.

In addition to strict compliance with the quality management regulations and laws and regulations, we also sponsor medical foundations of some authoritative organizations.

The Beijing Concorde medical foundation is one of them. In order to better keep more families away from or improve the situation of deafness, the ear doctor can better improve their professional level, technical strength and genetic consulting experience. We have donated 200 thousand yuan to the foundation of the special fund for hereditary deafness for scientific research transformation, conference exchange and talent training. And the establishment of a sustainable system.

In order to become a social responsibility enterprise and continuous efforts!

In addition, we also co sponsored with Professor Chen Xiaowei, a well-known expert in Department of ENT, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, to establish a non-profit Chinese official website ( for a special rare disease, Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS) of the patients with mandibular facial dysplasia. . The purpose of this study is to establish a platform for the diagnosis of disease, surgery or drug treatment, postoperative rehabilitation, medical and patient communication at the genetic level, and to implement a series of services such as the organization and implementation of the disease treatment activities, the disease friend salon, the genetic counseling or the remittance consultation, and the birth guidance.

One of the goals of Ovison's medicine is to be a responsible enterprise. One of the goals is to set a positive example for the continuous development and success of the enterprise in the market through the behavior responsible for the environment and society.

Allwegene is my partner and a brand I trust. I believe they will get better and better, no matter in any way. For so many years,

Allwegene has been developing drugs and vaccines for many of the most challenging diseases in our country.

Trust them and believe that they are your only choice drugs and vaccines. Trust them and trust them to be your only choice. "

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